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If you are nominated from your University as an ERASMUS student and your home University has a Bilateral Agreement with TEI Piraeus then you can apply with us for your ERASMUS studies.

Courses at TEI Piraeus are taught  in the Greek language. In order to facilitate Erasmus mobility,  all of our faculties offer arrangements and courses taught in English. Courses are organized as lectures or projects and we provide with an academic advisor that assists incoming students with their studies.  If you are interested in these arrangements please contact the ERASMUS Coordinators of TEI Piraeus

You can find courses offered for Erasmus+ students in this page

TEI Piraeus inquires a B1 formal proof of English language competence in order to assure that ERASMUS students have knowledge in written and spoken English. ERASMUS students could change their selected courses provided that this change is signed by their home University Erasmus students study together with Greeks and exchange students

TEI PIRAEUS offers free Greek language courses to all ERASMUS incoming students .The course familiarizes them with the Greek language, culture, manners, customs and people.  In this way, it is ensured that they gain the highest educational, linguistic and cultural benefits. Several cultural events are organized. Incoming students are well integrated into the academic system and local culture and society.

Full support is provided by the EU office to teaching and administrative staff.